This family business was founded in 1935 by Alfred Martin and his spouse.

After 82 years of operations, the company is still owned by the Martin family.

In 1970, Martin Inc. created a division named SUEDART specialized in the cleaning of leather and suede garments.

SUEDART became one of the major expert-cleaner of leather and suede in North America with its 60 experienced employees, of which 10 are on the road representatives.

During the fall season, the company cleans almost 2000 garments and accessories weekly coming from 1000 differents retailers.

Martin Inc. is also well recognized for it Rug Cleaning process.


Here are our other specialties :


Serviced Territories :

  • Province of Quebec
  • Ottawa Region
  • Province of New-Brunswick
  • 5 American States :
    1. Vermont
    2. Maine
    3. New Hampshire
    4. Massachussetts
    5. New-York (North-East)





Martin Inc. is a wholesaler dealing exclusively with retailers (Drycleaners, leather and fur retailers).

To find the nearest agent retailer, please call at 1-800-661-2847.