leather and suede

Helpful hints:

At the time of purchase:

  • Buy from reputable stores.
  • Avoid a tight-fitting style.The skins are stretched during tanning and some shrinkage is to be expected during wearing and drycleaning.
  • Buckles and ornaments can cause tears while wearing the garment.
  • Read care labels and hang tags carefully. Keep them.
  • Apply water repellent on your new garment.
  • Buy a single color garment to eliminate the possibility of transfer of dye in the process of drycleaning (bleeding).
  • Check if the garment was in the window. There could have been oxidation caused by the sun's rays.
  • Smooth leathers (painted) are much easier to care for and are easier to clean than unfinished leathers (Cuir sauvage, Nubuck or Nude leathers) .

At the time of wearing :

  • Do not let the garment get too dirty before getting it cleaned. The dirtier the garment is, the harder it will be getting it cleaned.
  • To maintain its shape, store your garment on broad hanger.
  • Do not store your garment in a plastic bag in order not to dry the skins. Store in a fresh and ventilated place.
  • If the garment is wet, let it dry with air. Do not expose to heat.
  • Suedes: A brush can be used to bring back its finish.
  • Smooth leathers: Wipe away dust and dirt with a soft dry sponge or cloth. If faded, professional cleaner can refinish it as new.
  • Wear a scarf around your neck to prevent the garment from becoming soiled by skin oils.
  • Do not apply hair spray or perfumes while wearing your garment.
  • Do not apply pins or adhesive badges.
  • Do not try to take away stains at home. Advise the cleaner if you have used a shoe cream or other products of this nature.

At the time of cleaning :

  • Genuine suede and leather requires special processing to preserve finish, feel and color.
  • Therefore, you should take your garment to a professional suede and leather cleaner equipped for this type of cleaning.
  • Care labels and hang tags should accompany your suede or leather garment when taken to be cleaned.
  • Unless all pieces of a multi-piece outfit are processed at the same time, there cannot be a guarantee that they will match after cleaning.
  • Advise your cleaner of stains or spots, whether visible or not. He will then know how best to handle your garment.
  • It is a good practice to remove buckles and ornaments or ask your cleaner for special handling.
  • Remove articles from pockets.
  • Garments may shrink slightly but will stretch back with wear.