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Q: How much will it cost?

A: You have to call our retailer to know the price. To find the closest retailer, click on Contact us.


Q: How long will it take?

A: From one to two weeks depending of the season. You may want to avoid the winter rush and have your garments cleaned during the spring and summer months.


Q: Do you make repairs or alterations?

A: Yes! We offers complete repairs and alterations of all kinds from a simple button replacement to a new lining.


Q: Do you clean Uggs boots?

A: Yes, we clean every kind of suede, leather or sheepskin boots. If the boots are faded, we can refinish them.


Q: Can you redye my faded jacket?

A: Yes! We can redye it the same color. Your need to specify it to the retailer that you want your garment redyed. There is no extra charge.


Q: Can you apply a protective coating to my garment?

A: Each garment sent to us for cleaning receive a water reppellent treatment for the same price.


Q: Will the color be the same after cleaning?

A: Our Expert-Dyer has over 30 years of experience in matching colors. While cleaning can sometimes alter the color slightly, we make every effort to restore the garment to it original color.


Q: The black has worn off my leather jacket. Can you fix that?

A: Restoring lost color on smooth leathers is part of our normal cleaning and finishing process. We will repaint your jacket at no extra charge.