Cleaning process

There are only a handful of cleaners specialised in rug cleaning in the province of Quebec. Because we’re real specialists in the field, we don’t steam clean rugs, which is a process better adapted to clean wall-to-wall carpeting. We know that steam cleaning only cleans the surface and leaves a significant amount of dirt on the inside, damaging the fibres, and reducing the life of your rug and leading to health issues. Martin uses high tech industrial equipment that cleans your rug in depth.

A clean rug will last longer and the air you breathe will be cleaner. For your rug cleaning needs, you can count on Martin Inc, a real specialist!

When it comes to oriental carpet cleaning, you should have two major concerns:

1- Your health

2- The life of your rug which can be extended by rug cleaning.

You breathe what you walk on; dirt, dust, sand, and etc are stored in the pile of the rug and when you walk on them they are released and thrown in the air and you breathe them in our lungs. Therefore, cleaner rugs help you have more sanitary room and healthier environment."


Rug Cleaning Process We thoroughly wash your rugs, not just surface clean them

Step 1 Inspection

Rugs are carefully inspected for spots and stains then measured and numbered individually before the rug cleaning process.

 Step 2 Dry Soil Removals

Before the washing process, we remove most of the dust and dirt with our rug badger (dusting machine). Few cleaners are dusting the rug ...

 Step 3 Pre-spot for specific stains
We pre-treat any stains or spots before applying the shampoo.
We have special treatments for both food and pet stains. Just include a note with a description and location of the stain and we will do our best to get it out


Step 4 Washing and Rinsing
Our in-plant rug uses a French Rug Washing machine, which is specifically designed for cleaning Oriental and area rugs. With our machine,
your rug is thoroughly washed and rinsed on both sides with clean water.   




  Step 5 Water Extraction

Our rug wringing centrifuge extracts up to 95 percent of the water from the rug. This is the safest way to extract water from the rug. Other methods are often harmful to the fiber of the rug by squeezing the rugs between rollers. This process also prevents rugs from color-bleeding. After this rug cleaning process, rugs are ready for the drying room.


Step 6 Drying

The Drying process is very important in rug cleaning. Mild heat and constant airflow in a temperature-controlled drying room is applied to achieve a dried softer rug. This drying technique is essential for preventing color running and shrinkage.


Step 7 Final inspection and Special treatments


At that stage, special treatments (deodorizing, demothing and Scotchgarding) can be applied. See description below.


And last, your rug is pile brushed vacuumed, wrapped and shipped back to you sparkling clean and smelling fresh.


Special treatments

If your fine rug has a stubborn odor, select our after-wash deodorizing treatment. Our special formula attacks the source of the odor and leaves your carpet with a fresh, clean scent.
Please keep in mind that people have different levels of odor sensitivity, so we cannot guarantee that you won't smell an odor after this treatment.    Demothing
An after-wash treatment with our new demothing product will repel moths from your rugs in a simple, safe manner.
Let us give your fine rugs the added protection of Scotchgard. It's a safe and effective way to keep your rugs looking cleaner, longer.